GLeem: OpenGL Extremely Easy-to-use Manipulators

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This project has been decommissioned. This web page is kept here for historical purposes only.

GLeem is looking for a maintainer. If you are interested, please take a look at the general information about GNU packages and being a GNU maintainer, and then email with information about your background and interests. Thanks!

Last release: 2/5/2002. Current gleem version: 1.2.1

GLeem is a small, self-contained library of 3D widgets that support direct user interaction with a 3D scene. Java and C++ programming language versions are available, however the Java implementation is no longer supported in version greater than 1.2.1. The "official" gleem home page is . The included documentation is on-line .

Download GLeem

There are two source code packages available:

Precompiled Java class files are also available:

Licensing Terms

GLeem is distributed under the GNU GNU General Public License v3, or any later version.

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