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Known bugs

Known bugs in the latest GNU Global.

Obstacles independent of hardware

  • Gtags(C++ parser) does not recognize C++ final keyword. [report]
  • Gtags(C parser) does not pick up split function definitions. [report]
  • Gtags(C++ parser) does not support member initialization list. [report]
  • Gtags(C/C++ parser) is confused by conditional preprocessor directive. [report]
  • Gtags(C/C++ parser) ignores a symbol after _asm__("");, [report]
  • Gtags(C++ parser) fails to parse templates which includes '<' inside. [report]
  • Gtags(C++ parser) aborts with a message '#if pifstack over flow'. [report]
  • Gtags cannot detect function pointer correctly. [report] [report]
  • Gtags cannot detect macro references in assembly source code. [report]
  • Nested functions not found. [report]
  • always getting "Warning: ... is out of source tree."(Windows) [report]
  • C++ parsing problem with constructors and destructors. [report]

Obstacles peculiar to a processor

  • [ARM] Infinite loop when running gtags in Emacs [report]
If you can fix the bugs then please send it to us. Thank you in advance.
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