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Plans of the highest priority are listed first.

  • Environment variable UNIVERSAL_CTAGS_OPTIONS. This variable forward arguments from the user to ctags. See this thread.
  • New option --language-force=: to decide language of files which have no suffix. See this thread.
  • Modularize file list generation part of gtags(1). See this thread.
  • External grep support of global(1). You can use ripgrep(1) instead of built-in grep for the -g command. See this thread.
  • Add 'All Definitions' link to the alphabetized definitions index and local search facility from the definitions.
  • Support of ack style output format.
  • Remove restriction of the length of a variable identifier (currently < 512).
  • Improve --call-tree option. It can be used more than one times.
    Format: --call-tree=<path of cflow output>[:<program name>])
  • Treat variable definitions as a definition tag (GTAGS).
  • New option of global(1) to exclude some directories from the search.
  • Support of tag type. (like Universal Ctags)
  • Callees search: given a `tag' name, lists all definition tags called in its definition.
  • Callers search: given a `tag' name, lists all definition tags that call/reference it.
  • Support of class hierarchy.
  • Support of tag stack per window. Currently tag stack is only one per emacs. (gtags.el)
  • ANSI C mode in C parser.
  • Support of glob pattern for path name search (global -P).
  • The --dynamic option generates not only index pages but also source code pages.
  • Ttags(1) command.
    Ttags(1) is similar to htags(1) but generates a TeX source for a book instead of a hypertext.
  • Support of multi-bytes code set.
  • Rewrite built-in parsers using flex(1) completely.
  • Rewrite the CGI program using C language instead of Perl.
  • Support of gtags-query-replace (gtags.el).
  • Visual interface using GUI.
Any contributions are appreciated. Please see contribution.
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