Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::MovieLoader::Request Class Reference

A movie load request. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Request (const URL &u, const std::string &t, const std::string *postdata, as_object *handler)
const std::string & getTarget () const
const URLgetURL () const
const std::string & getPostData () const
bool usePost () const
as_objectgetHandler () const
void setReachable () const
bool getCompleted (boost::intrusive_ptr< movie_definition > &md) const
 Get the loaded movie definition, if any.
bool pending () const
 Only check if request is completed.
bool completed () const
 Only check if request is completed.
void setCompleted (boost::intrusive_ptr< movie_definition > md)
 Complete the request.

Detailed Description

A movie load request.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::MovieLoader::Request::Request ( const URL u,
const std::string &  t,
const std::string *  postdata,
as_object handler 
) [inline]
postdataIf not null POST method will be used for HTTP.

Member Function Documentation

bool gnash::MovieLoader::Request::completed ( ) const [inline]

Only check if request is completed.

Referenced by gnash::MovieLoader::processCompletedRequests().

bool gnash::MovieLoader::Request::getCompleted ( boost::intrusive_ptr< movie_definition > &  md) const [inline]

Get the loaded movie definition, if any.

mdthe loaded movie_definition is copied here if it was impossible to create one.
true if the request was completed, false otherwise.

RULE: if return is FALSE param 'md' will be set to 0. RULE: if return is TRUE param 'md' may be set to 0 or non 0. RULE: if parameter 'md' is set to non 0, TRUE must be returned.

locks _mutex

as_object* gnash::MovieLoader::Request::getHandler ( ) const [inline]

References _handler.

const std::string& gnash::MovieLoader::Request::getPostData ( ) const [inline]
const std::string& gnash::MovieLoader::Request::getTarget ( ) const [inline]
const URL& gnash::MovieLoader::Request::getURL ( ) const [inline]

References _url.

bool gnash::MovieLoader::Request::pending ( ) const [inline]

Only check if request is completed.

void gnash::MovieLoader::Request::setCompleted ( boost::intrusive_ptr< movie_definition md) [inline]

Complete the request.

mdthe loaded movie_definition, or 0 if it was impossible to create one.

locks _mutex

void gnash::MovieLoader::Request::setReachable ( ) const [inline]

References _handler.

Referenced by gnash::MovieLoader::setReachable().

bool gnash::MovieLoader::Request::usePost ( ) const [inline]

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