Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag Class Reference

SWF Tag DefineEditText (37). More...

#include <DefineEditTextTag.h>

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gnash::SWF::DefinitionTag gnash::SWF::ControlTag gnash::ref_counted

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Public Member Functions

 ~DefineEditTextTag ()
const SWFRectbounds () const
DisplayObjectcreateDisplayObject (Global_as &gl, DisplayObject *parent) const
 Create a DisplayObject with the given parent.
const std::string & defaultText () const
const std::string & variableName () const
unsigned int maxChars () const
 Return the maximum length of text this widget can hold.
boost::uint16_t rightMargin () const
 Get right margin in twips.
boost::uint16_t leftMargin () const
 Get left margin in twips.
boost::uint16_t indent () const
 Get indentation in twips.
boost::uint16_t textHeight () const
 Get height of font in twips.
const rgbacolor () const
 Get color of the text.
boost::uint16_t leading () const
 Get extra space between lines (in twips).
bool multiline () const
bool password () const
TextField::TextAlignment alignment () const
 Get text alignment.
bool border () const
 Is border requested ?
bool autoSize () const
bool wordWrap () const
 Word wrap requested ?
bool hasText () const
 Has text defined ?
bool readOnly () const
bool noSelect () const
bool html () const
 Return true if HTML was allowed by definition.
bool getUseEmbeddedGlyphs () const
 Return true if this DisplayObject definition requested use of device fonts.
boost::intrusive_ptr< FontgetFont () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void loader (SWFStream &in, TagType tag, movie_definition &m, const RunResources &r)
 Load an SWF::DEFINEEDITTEXT (37) tag.

Detailed Description

SWF Tag DefineEditText (37).

Virtual control tag for syncing streaming sound to playhead

Gnash will register instances of this ControlTag in the frame containing blocks of a streaming sound, which is occurrences of SWF Tag StreamSoundBlock (19).

The tag will then be used to start playing the specific block in sync with the frame playhead.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::~DefineEditTextTag ( ) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

TextField::TextAlignment gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::alignment ( ) const [inline]

Get text alignment.

bool gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::autoSize ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::border ( ) const [inline]

Is border requested ?

const SWFRect& gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::bounds ( ) const [inline]
const rgba& gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::color ( ) const [inline]

Get color of the text.

DisplayObject * gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::createDisplayObject ( Global_as gl,
DisplayObject parent 
) const [virtual]

Create a DisplayObject with the given parent.

This function will determine the correct prototype and associated object using the passed global.

glThe global object used to set prototype and associated object. Calling this function creates a new DisplayObject from the DefinitionTag and adds it as a child of the specified parent DisplayObject.

Implements gnash::SWF::DefinitionTag.

References getFont(), and gnash::createTextFieldObject().

const std::string& gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::defaultText ( ) const [inline]

Return a reference to the default text associated with this EditText definition.

Referenced by gnash::TextField::TextField().

boost::intrusive_ptr<Font> gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::getFont ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::getUseEmbeddedGlyphs ( ) const [inline]

Return true if this DisplayObject definition requested use of device fonts.

Used by TextFielf constructor to set its default.

bool gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::hasText ( ) const [inline]

Has text defined ?

bool gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::html ( ) const [inline]

Return true if HTML was allowed by definition.

boost::uint16_t gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::indent ( ) const [inline]

Get indentation in twips.

boost::uint16_t gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::leading ( ) const [inline]

Get extra space between lines (in twips).

This is in addition to default font line spacing.

boost::uint16_t gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::leftMargin ( ) const [inline]

Get left margin in twips.

void gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::loader ( SWFStream in,
TagType  tag,
movie_definition m,
const RunResources r 
) [static]
unsigned int gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::maxChars ( ) const [inline]

Return the maximum length of text this widget can hold.

If zero, the text length is unlimited.

bool gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::multiline ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::noSelect ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::password ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::readOnly ( ) const [inline]
boost::uint16_t gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::rightMargin ( ) const [inline]

Get right margin in twips.

boost::uint16_t gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::textHeight ( ) const [inline]

Get height of font in twips.

const std::string& gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::variableName ( ) const [inline]

Return a reference to the "VariableName" associated with this EditText definition. The variable name is allowed to contain path information and should be used to provide an 'alias' to the 'text' member of instances.

bool gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag::wordWrap ( ) const [inline]

Word wrap requested ?

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