Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::SWF::DefineTextTag Class Reference

Static text definition tag. More...

#include <DefineTextTag.h>

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gnash::SWF::DefinitionTag gnash::SWF::ControlTag gnash::ref_counted

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Public Member Functions

void display (Renderer &renderer, const Transform &xform) const
 Draw the string.
const SWFRectbounds () const
bool extractStaticText (std::vector< const TextRecord * > &to, size_t &size) const
 Extract static text from TextRecords.
virtual DisplayObjectcreateDisplayObject (Global_as &gl, DisplayObject *parent) const
 Create a DisplayObject with the given parent.

Static Public Member Functions

static void loader (SWFStream &in, TagType tag, movie_definition &m, const RunResources &r)


class DefineText2Tag
 DefineText2Tag::loader also constructs a DefineTextTag.

Detailed Description

Static text definition tag.

Member Function Documentation

const SWFRect& gnash::SWF::DefineTextTag::bounds ( ) const [inline]
DisplayObject * gnash::SWF::DefineTextTag::createDisplayObject ( Global_as gl,
DisplayObject parent 
) const [virtual]

Create a DisplayObject with the given parent.

This function will determine the correct prototype and associated object using the passed global.

glThe global object used to set prototype and associated object. Calling this function creates a new DisplayObject from the DefinitionTag and adds it as a child of the specified parent DisplayObject.

Implements gnash::SWF::DefinitionTag.

References gnash::getRoot().

void gnash::SWF::DefineTextTag::display ( Renderer renderer,
const Transform xform 
) const
bool gnash::SWF::DefineTextTag::extractStaticText ( std::vector< const TextRecord * > &  to,
size_t &  size 
) const

Extract static text from TextRecords.

toWill be filled with pointers to TextRecords if any are present
sizeWill contain the number of DisplayObjects in this StaticText definition.

Insert pointers to all our TextRecords into to.

Count the number of DisplayObjects in this definition's text records.

void gnash::SWF::DefineTextTag::loader ( SWFStream in,
TagType  tag,
movie_definition m,
const RunResources r 
) [static]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class DefineText2Tag [friend]

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