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gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag Class Reference

SWF Tag PlaceObject (4) or PlaceObject2 (9) More...

#include <PlaceObject2Tag.h>

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gnash::SWF::DisplayListTag gnash::SWF::ControlTag gnash::ref_counted

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Public Types

typedef boost::ptr_vector
< action_buffer
typedef boost::ptr_vector
< swf_event

Public Member Functions

 PlaceObject2Tag (const movie_definition &def)
 ~PlaceObject2Tag ()
void read (SWFStream &in, TagType tag)
void executeState (MovieClip *m, DisplayList &dlist) const
 Place/move/whatever our object in the given movie.
int getPlaceType () const
boost::uint16_t getRatio () const
int getClipDepth () const
boost::uint16_t getID () const
const std::string & getName () const
const SWFMatrixgetMatrix () const
const SWFCxFormgetCxform () const
const EventHandlersgetEventHandlers () const
bool hasClipActions () const
bool hasClipDepth () const
bool hasName () const
bool hasRatio () const
bool hasCxform () const
bool hasMatrix () const
bool hasCharacter () const
bool hasImage () const
bool hasClassName () const
bool hasBitmapCaching () const
bool hasBlendMode () const
bool hasFilters () const
boost::uint8_t getBlendMode () const
 Get an associated blend mode.

Static Public Member Functions

static void loader (SWFStream &in, TagType tag, movie_definition &m, const RunResources &r)

Detailed Description

SWF Tag PlaceObject (4) or PlaceObject2 (9)

This tag is owned by the movie_definiton class

The PlaceObject tags can be used to:

In any case a single Timeline depth is affected. Postcondition of this tag execution is presence of an instance at the affected depth. See getDepth().

_id: The ID of the DisplayObject to be added. It will be seeked in the CharacterDictionary.

m_name: The name to give to the newly created instance if m_has_name is true. If m_has_name is false, the new instance will be assigned a sequential name in the form 'instanceN', where N is incremented at each call, starting from 1.


m_depth: The depth to assign to the newly created instance.

m_color_transform: The color transform to apply to the newly created instance.

m_matrix: The SWFMatrix transform to apply to the newly created instance.


m_clip_depth: If != DisplayObject::noClipDepthValue, mark the created instance as a clipping layer. The shape of the placed DisplayObject will be used as a mask for all higher depths up to this value.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::PlaceObject2Tag ( const movie_definition def)

Referenced by loader().

gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::~PlaceObject2Tag ( )

Member Function Documentation

void gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::executeState ( MovieClip m,
DisplayList dlist 
) const [virtual]
boost::uint8_t gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::getBlendMode ( ) const [inline]

Get an associated blend mode.

This is stored as a uint8_t to allow for future expansion of blend modes.

Referenced by gnash::MovieClip::add_display_object().

int gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::getClipDepth ( ) const [inline]
const SWFCxForm& gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::getCxform ( ) const [inline]
const EventHandlers& gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::getEventHandlers ( ) const [inline]
boost::uint16_t gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::getID ( ) const [inline]
const SWFMatrix& gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::getMatrix ( ) const [inline]
const std::string& gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::getName ( ) const [inline]
int gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::getPlaceType ( ) const [inline]

Referenced by executeState().

boost::uint16_t gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::getRatio ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::hasBitmapCaching ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::hasBlendMode ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::hasCharacter ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::hasClassName ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::hasClipActions ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::hasClipDepth ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::hasCxform ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::hasFilters ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::hasImage ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::hasMatrix ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::hasName ( ) const [inline]
bool gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::hasRatio ( ) const [inline]
void gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::loader ( SWFStream in,
TagType  tag,
movie_definition m,
const RunResources r 
) [static]
void gnash::SWF::PlaceObject2Tag::read ( SWFStream in,
TagType  tag 

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