Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::VaapiSurface Class Reference

VA surface abstraction. More...

#include <VaapiSurface.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VaapiSurface (unsigned int width, unsigned int height)
VaapiContextgetContext () const
 Return parent VA context.
VASurfaceID get () const
 Return VA surface id.
unsigned int width () const
 Get surface width.
unsigned int height () const
 Get surface height.
void clear ()
 Clear surface with black color.
bool associateSubpicture (boost::shared_ptr< VaapiSubpicture > subpicture, VaapiRectangle const &src_rect, VaapiRectangle const &dst_rect)
 Associate subpicture to the surface.
bool deassociateSubpicture (boost::shared_ptr< VaapiSubpicture > subpicture)
 Deassociate subpicture from the surface.


class VaapiContext

Detailed Description

VA surface abstraction.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::VaapiSurface::VaapiSurface ( unsigned int  width,
unsigned int  height 

Member Function Documentation

bool gnash::VaapiSurface::associateSubpicture ( boost::shared_ptr< VaapiSubpicture subpicture,
VaapiRectangle const &  src_rect,
VaapiRectangle const &  dst_rect 

Associate subpicture to the surface.

References get(), deassociateSubpicture(), gnash::VaapiGlobalContext::display(), and gnash::vaapi_check_status().

void gnash::VaapiSurface::clear ( )
bool gnash::VaapiSurface::deassociateSubpicture ( boost::shared_ptr< VaapiSubpicture subpicture)

Deassociate subpicture from the surface.

References get(), gnash::VaapiGlobalContext::display(), and gnash::vaapi_check_status().

Referenced by associateSubpicture().

VASurfaceID gnash::VaapiSurface::get ( ) const [inline]

Return VA surface id.

Referenced by clear(), associateSubpicture(), and deassociateSubpicture().

VaapiContext* gnash::VaapiSurface::getContext ( ) const [inline]

Return parent VA context.

unsigned int gnash::VaapiSurface::height ( ) const [inline]

Get surface height.

Referenced by clear().

unsigned int gnash::VaapiSurface::width ( ) const [inline]

Get surface width.

Referenced by clear().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class VaapiContext [friend]

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