Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::VirtualClock Class Reference

A class used to virtualize time flow. More...

#include <VirtualClock.h>

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gnash::InterruptableVirtualClock gnash::ManualClock gnash::SystemClock

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Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned long int elapsed () const =0
 Return number of milliseconds elapsed since start.
virtual void restart ()=0
 Restart the clock.
virtual ~VirtualClock ()

Detailed Description

A class used to virtualize time flow.

This class will be used to fetch current time everytime it is needed by the core lib.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual gnash::VirtualClock::~VirtualClock ( ) [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual unsigned long int gnash::VirtualClock::elapsed ( ) const [pure virtual]

Return number of milliseconds elapsed since start.

Subclass this to provide time to the core lib. NOTE: 32bit unsigned int has an upper limit of 4294967295 which means about 49 days before overlflow.

Implemented in gnash::InterruptableVirtualClock, gnash::SystemClock, and gnash::ManualClock.

Referenced by gnash::gui::FBGui::run(), gnash::PlayHead::setState(), gnash::PlayHead::advanceIfConsumed(), gnash::PlayHead::seekTo(), gnash::InterruptableVirtualClock::elapsed(), gnash::InterruptableVirtualClock::restart(), gnash::InterruptableVirtualClock::resume(), and gnash::VM::getTime().

virtual void gnash::VirtualClock::restart ( ) [pure virtual]

Restart the clock.

Implemented in gnash::InterruptableVirtualClock, gnash::ManualClock, and gnash::SystemClock.

Referenced by gnash::VM::VM().

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