Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::media::AudioDecoderSpeex Class Reference

Audio decoder for the speex codec. More...

#include <AudioDecoderSpeex.h>

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 AudioDecoderSpeex ()
 ~AudioDecoderSpeex ()
boost::uint8_t * decode (const EncodedAudioFrame &input, boost::uint32_t &outputSize)
 Decodes an EncodedAudioFrame and returns a pointer to the decoded data.

Detailed Description

Audio decoder for the speex codec.

This class will use the speex resampler if available

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::media::AudioDecoderSpeex::AudioDecoderSpeex ( )

References _, and assert.

gnash::media::AudioDecoderSpeex::~AudioDecoderSpeex ( )

Member Function Documentation

boost::uint8_t * gnash::media::AudioDecoderSpeex::decode ( const EncodedAudioFrame input,
boost::uint32_t &  outputSize 
) [virtual]

Decodes an EncodedAudioFrame and returns a pointer to the decoded data.

inputThe audio data
outputSizeThe output size of the video data, is passed by reference.
a pointer to the decoded data, or NULL if decoding fails. The caller owns the decoded data, which was allocated with new [].
return a SimpleBuffer by auto_ptr

Reimplemented from gnash::media::AudioDecoder.

References gnash::media::EncodedAudioFrame::data, gnash::media::EncodedAudioFrame::dataSize, _, gnash::key::i, gnash::media::AudioResampler::convert_raw_data(), and gnash::image::end().

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