Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::media::AudioInfo Class Reference

Information about an audio stream. More...

#include <MediaParser.h>

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class  ExtraInfo
 Extra info about an audio stream. More...

Public Member Functions

 AudioInfo (int codeci, boost::uint16_t sampleRatei, boost::uint16_t sampleSizei, bool stereoi, boost::uint64_t durationi, codecType typei)
 Construct an AudioInfo object.

Public Attributes

int codec
 Codec identifier.
boost::uint16_t sampleRate
boost::uint16_t sampleSize
 Size of each sample, in bytes.
bool stereo
boost::uint64_t duration
codecType type
std::auto_ptr< ExtraInfoextra
 Extra info about audio stream, if when needed.

Detailed Description

Information about an audio stream.

The information stored is codec-id, samplerate, samplesize, stereo, duration and codec-type.

Additionally, an abstract ExtraInfo can be hold.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::media::AudioInfo::AudioInfo ( int  codeci,
boost::uint16_t  sampleRatei,
boost::uint16_t  sampleSizei,
bool  stereoi,
boost::uint64_t  durationi,
codecType  typei 
) [inline]

Construct an AudioInfo object.

codeciAudio codec id. To be interpreted as a media::audioCodecType if the typei parameter is CODEC_TYPE_FLASH; otherwise it's an opaque number to use for codec information transfer between a MediaParser and a AudioDecoder from the same media handler module.
sampleRateiNominal sample rate.
document units.
sampleSizeiSample size, in bytes.
stereoiSample type (stereo if true, mono otherwise).
document if and how intepretation of sampleSizei changes
durationiNominal audio stream duration, in milliseconds.
typeiChanges interpretation of the codeci parameter.

Member Data Documentation

Codec identifier.

This has to be interpreted as audioCodecType if codecType type is CODEC_TYPE_FLASH or interpretation is opaque and we rely on the assumption that the AudioInfo creator and the AudioInfo user have a way to get a shared interpretation

Referenced by gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioDecoderFfmpeg::AudioDecoderFfmpeg(), gnash::media::gst::AudioDecoderGst::AudioDecoderGst(), gnash::media::MediaHandler::createFlashAudioDecoder(), and gnash::media::gst::MediaHandlerGst::createAudioDecoder().

Extra info about audio stream, if when needed.

Could be ExtraVideoInfoFlv or a media-handler specific info

Referenced by gnash::media::gst::AudioDecoderGst::AudioDecoderGst().

Size of each sample, in bytes.

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