Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::media::AudioInput Class Reference

A class representing a single AudioInput device. More...

#include <AudioInput.h>

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gnash::media::ffmpeg::AudioInputFfmpeg gnash::media::gst::AudioInputGst gnash::media::haiku::AudioInputHaiku

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Public Member Functions

DSOEXPORT AudioInput ()
virtual ~AudioInput ()
virtual void setActivityLevel (double a)=0
virtual double activityLevel () const =0
virtual void setGain (double g)=0
virtual double gain () const =0
virtual void setIndex (int i)=0
virtual int index () const =0
virtual bool muted ()=0
virtual void setName (std::string name)=0
virtual const std::string & name () const =0
virtual void setRate (int r)=0
virtual int rate () const =0
virtual void setSilenceLevel (double s)=0
virtual double silenceLevel () const =0
virtual void setSilenceTimeout (int s)=0
virtual int silenceTimeout () const =0
virtual void setUseEchoSuppression (bool e)=0
virtual bool useEchoSuppression () const =0

Detailed Description

A class representing a single AudioInput device.

This interface has almost everything needed for control of the input device, but currently no data-fetching functions. These should be implemented only when the requirements of AS have been investigated!

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DSOEXPORT gnash::media::AudioInput::AudioInput ( ) [inline]
virtual gnash::media::AudioInput::~AudioInput ( ) [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual double gnash::media::AudioInput::activityLevel ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual double gnash::media::AudioInput::gain ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual int gnash::media::AudioInput::index ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual bool gnash::media::AudioInput::muted ( ) [pure virtual]
virtual const std::string& gnash::media::AudioInput::name ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual int gnash::media::AudioInput::rate ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual void gnash::media::AudioInput::setActivityLevel ( double  a) [pure virtual]
virtual void gnash::media::AudioInput::setGain ( double  g) [pure virtual]
virtual void gnash::media::AudioInput::setIndex ( int  i) [pure virtual]
virtual void gnash::media::AudioInput::setName ( std::string  name) [pure virtual]
virtual void gnash::media::AudioInput::setRate ( int  r) [pure virtual]
virtual void gnash::media::AudioInput::setSilenceLevel ( double  s) [pure virtual]
virtual void gnash::media::AudioInput::setSilenceTimeout ( int  s) [pure virtual]
virtual void gnash::media::AudioInput::setUseEchoSuppression ( bool  e) [pure virtual]
virtual double gnash::media::AudioInput::silenceLevel ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual int gnash::media::AudioInput::silenceTimeout ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual bool gnash::media::AudioInput::useEchoSuppression ( ) const [pure virtual]

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