Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::renderer::opengl::Tesselator Class Reference

#include <Renderer_ogl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Tesselator ()
 ~Tesselator ()
void beginPolygon ()
void feed (std::vector< oglVertex > &vertices)
void tesselate ()
void beginContour ()
void endContour ()
void rememberVertex (GLdouble *v)

Static Public Member Functions

static void error (GLenum error)
static void combine (GLdouble coords[3], void *vertex_data[4], GLfloat weight[4], void **outData, void *userdata)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::renderer::opengl::Tesselator::Tesselator ( )

References error(), and combine().

gnash::renderer::opengl::Tesselator::~Tesselator ( )

Member Function Documentation

void gnash::renderer::opengl::Tesselator::beginContour ( )
void gnash::renderer::opengl::Tesselator::beginPolygon ( )
void gnash::renderer::opengl::Tesselator::combine ( GLdouble  coords[3],
void *  vertex_data[4],
GLfloat  weight[4],
void **  outData,
void *  userdata 
) [static]

References assert, test::v, and rememberVertex().

Referenced by Tesselator().

void gnash::renderer::opengl::Tesselator::endContour ( )
void gnash::renderer::opengl::Tesselator::error ( GLenum  error) [static]

References _.

Referenced by Tesselator().

void gnash::renderer::opengl::Tesselator::feed ( std::vector< oglVertex > &  vertices)

References gnash::image::end().

void gnash::renderer::opengl::Tesselator::rememberVertex ( GLdouble *  v)

Referenced by combine().

void gnash::renderer::opengl::Tesselator::tesselate ( )

References gnash::image::end().

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