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jemalloc.h File Reference
#include "jemalloc_types.h"

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void * malloc (size_t size)
void * valloc (size_t size)
void * calloc (size_t num, size_t size)
void * realloc (void *ptr, size_t size)
void free (void *ptr)
int posix_memalign (void **memptr, size_t alignment, size_t size)
void * memalign (size_t alignment, size_t size)
size_t malloc_usable_size (const void *ptr)
void jemalloc_stats (jemalloc_stats_t *stats)


const char * _malloc_options

Function Documentation

void* calloc ( size_t  num,
size_t  size 

References SIZE_T_MAX, _malloc_message, and UTRACE.

void free ( void *  ptr)
void jemalloc_stats ( jemalloc_stats_t stats)
void* malloc ( size_t  size)
size_t malloc_usable_size ( const void *  ptr)

References assert.

void* memalign ( size_t  alignment,
size_t  size 
) [inline]

References assert, _malloc_message, and UTRACE.

Referenced by posix_memalign(), and valloc().

int posix_memalign ( void **  memptr,
size_t  alignment,
size_t  size 

References _malloc_message, and memalign().

void* realloc ( void *  ptr,
size_t  size 
void* valloc ( size_t  size)

References memalign().

Variable Documentation

const char* _malloc_options