Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::gui Namespace Reference

Named constructors. More...


class  FBGlue
class  FBAggGlue
class  FBgles1Glue
class  FBgles2Glue
class  FBOvgGlue
class  FBGui
class  GtkOvgGlue


typedef void FbWidget


std::auto_ptr< GuicreateFBGui (unsigned long windowid, float scale, bool do_loop, RunResources &r)
void terminate_signal (int)
 Called on CTRL-C and alike.
std::auto_ptr< GuicreateFBGui (unsigned long, float, bool, RunResourcesfloat, bool, unsigned int)


int terminate_request = false

Detailed Description

Named constructors.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void gnash::gui::FbWidget

Function Documentation

std::auto_ptr<Gui> gnash::gui::createFBGui ( unsigned  long,
float  ,
bool  ,
RunResourcesfloat  ,
bool  ,
unsigned  int 
std::auto_ptr< Gui > gnash::gui::createFBGui ( unsigned long  windowid,
float  scale,
bool  do_loop,
RunResources &  r 
void gnash::gui::terminate_signal ( int  )

Called on CTRL-C and alike.

References terminate_request.

Referenced by gnash::gui::FBGui::FBGui().

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