Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::media::gst Namespace Reference

Gstreamer-based media handler module. More...


class  AudioDecoderGst
 GST based AudioDecoder. More...
class  GnashAudio
 Contains information about audio input devices while enumerating information about attached hardware. This class is also referred back to by GnashAudioPrivate to re-access enumerated information. More...
class  GnashAudioPrivate
 This class is initialized once a hardware input device is chosen it is more robust than GnashAudio because it has additional room to store important Gstreamer information (pipelines, references to elements, etc.) More...
class  AudioInputGst
 The main AudioInputGst class, which actually doesn't store too much important information (most of that is stored in the GnashAudio and GnashAudioPrivate classes) More...
class  GstUtil
 Generalized Gstreamer utilities for pipeline configuration. More...
class  MediaHandlerGst
 GST based MediaHandler. More...
struct  ExtraInfoGst
 Class to hold extra info found in any stream by the parser. More...
struct  EncodedExtraGstData
 Class to hold GstBuffer. Takes ownership. More...
class  SimpleTimer
 Simple timer used for probe timeout (deprecated) More...
class  MediaParserGst
 Gstreamer based MediaParser. More...
class  VideoConverterGst
 Base class for video image space conversion with gst. More...
class  gnashGstBuffer
class  VideoDecoderGst
 GST based VideoDecoder. More...
class  FramerateFraction
class  WebcamVidFormat
class  VideoInputGst


gboolean audio_bus_call (GstBus *, GstMessage *msg, gpointer)
gboolean bus_call (GstBus *, GstMessage *msg, gpointer)

Detailed Description

Gstreamer-based media handler module.

Function Documentation

gboolean gnash::media::gst::audio_bus_call ( GstBus *  ,
GstMessage *  msg,

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gboolean gnash::media::gst::bus_call ( GstBus *  ,
GstMessage *  msg,