Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::renderer::opengl Namespace Reference


struct  oglVertex
class  Tesselator
class  WholeShape


typedef std::vector< PathPathVec
typedef std::vector< const Path * > PathRefs
typedef std::map< const Path
*, std::vector< oglVertex > > 


point middle (const point &a, const point &b)
void trace_curve (const point &startP, const point &controlP, const point &endP, std::vector< oglVertex > &coords)
std::vector< oglVertexinterpolate (const std::vector< Edge > &edges, const float &anchor_x, const float &anchor_y)
bool isEven (const size_t &n)
template<typename C , typename T , typename R , typename A >
void for_each (C &container, R(T::*pmf)(const A &), const A &arg)
Renderercreate_handler (bool init)

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<const Path*, std::vector<oglVertex> > gnash::renderer::opengl::PathPointMap
typedef std::vector<const Path*> gnash::renderer::opengl::PathRefs
typedef std::vector<Path> gnash::renderer::opengl::PathVec

Function Documentation

DSOEXPORT Renderer * gnash::renderer::opengl::create_handler ( bool  init)
template<typename C , typename T , typename R , typename A >
void gnash::renderer::opengl::for_each ( C &  container,
R(T::*)(const A &)  pmf,
const A &  arg 
std::vector<oglVertex> gnash::renderer::opengl::interpolate ( const std::vector< Edge > &  edges,
const float &  anchor_x,
const float &  anchor_y 
bool gnash::renderer::opengl::isEven ( const size_t &  n)
point gnash::renderer::opengl::middle ( const point &  a,
const point &  b 

A point in the middle of points a and b, that is, the middle of a line drawn from a to b.

References gnash::geometry::Point2d::x, and gnash::geometry::Point2d::y.

Referenced by trace_curve().

void gnash::renderer::opengl::trace_curve ( const point &  startP,
const point &  controlP,
const point &  endP,
std::vector< oglVertex > &  coords