Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::ExternalInterface Struct Reference

#include <ExternalInterface.h>

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struct  invoke_t

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string toXML (const as_value &obj)
 Convert an AS object to an XML string.
static as_value parseXML (const std::string &xml)
static std::vector< as_valueparseArguments (const std::string &xml)
static boost::shared_ptr
< invoke_t
parseInvoke (const std::string &str)
boost::shared_ptr< invoke_t
ExternalEventCheck (int fd)
static DSOEXPORT std::string makeInvoke (const std::string &method, const std::vector< as_value > &args)
static std::string makeString (const std::string &str)
static DSOEXPORT size_t writeBrowser (int fd, const std::string &xml)
static DSOEXPORT std::string readBrowser (int fd)

Member Function Documentation

boost::shared_ptr< ExternalInterface::invoke_t > gnash::ExternalInterface::ExternalEventCheck ( int  fd) [static]

References parseInvoke().

std::string gnash::ExternalInterface::makeInvoke ( const std::string &  method,
const std::vector< as_value > &  args 
) [static]
static std::string gnash::ExternalInterface::makeString ( const std::string &  str) [inline, static]
std::vector< as_value > gnash::ExternalInterface::parseArguments ( const std::string &  xml) [static]

References start, gnash::image::end(), data, and parseXML().

Referenced by parseInvoke().

boost::shared_ptr< ExternalInterface::invoke_t > gnash::ExternalInterface::parseInvoke ( const std::string &  str) [static]
as_value gnash::ExternalInterface::parseXML ( const std::string &  xml) [static]
std::string gnash::ExternalInterface::readBrowser ( int  fd) [static]
static std::string gnash::ExternalInterface::toXML ( const as_value obj) [inline, static]

Convert an AS object to an XML string.

Referenced by makeInvoke(), gnash::movie_root::processInvoke(), and gnash::movie_root::callExternalCallback().

size_t gnash::ExternalInterface::writeBrowser ( int  fd,
const std::string &  xml 
) [static]

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