Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::ObjectURI Struct Reference

A URI for describing as_objects. More...

#include <ObjectURI.h>

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class  CaseEquals
class  CaseLessThan
class  LessThan
class  Logger

Public Member Functions

 ObjectURI ()
 Default constructor.
 ObjectURI (NSV::NamedStrings name)
 Construct an ObjectURI from name.
bool empty () const
const std::string & toString (string_table &st) const
string_table::key noCase (string_table &st) const

Public Attributes

string_table::key name

Detailed Description

A URI for describing as_objects.

This is used as a unique identifier for any object member, especially prototypes, class, constructors.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::ObjectURI::ObjectURI ( ) [inline]

Default constructor.

This must be equivalent to an empty string.

gnash::ObjectURI::ObjectURI ( NSV::NamedStrings  name) [inline]

Construct an ObjectURI from name.

Member Function Documentation

bool gnash::ObjectURI::empty ( ) const [inline]
string_table::key gnash::ObjectURI::noCase ( string_table st) const [inline]
const std::string& gnash::ObjectURI::toString ( string_table st) const [inline]

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