Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::SWF::DefineVideoStreamTag::FrameFinder Struct Reference

A Functor for comparing frames by frame number. More...

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bool operator() (Frame frame, size_t i) const
bool operator() (size_t i, Frame frame) const

Detailed Description

A Functor for comparing frames by frame number.

A comparison operator would avoid having two variants, but seems less intuitive, and could open up all sorts of unexpected behaviour due to type promotion.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef EmbeddedFrames::const_reference gnash::SWF::DefineVideoStreamTag::FrameFinder::Frame

Member Function Documentation

bool gnash::SWF::DefineVideoStreamTag::FrameFinder::operator() ( Frame  frame,
size_t  i 
) const [inline]

References gnash::key::i.

bool gnash::SWF::DefineVideoStreamTag::FrameFinder::operator() ( size_t  i,
Frame  frame 
) const [inline]

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