Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::media::ImgBuf Struct Reference

Image buffer wrapper. More...

#include <VideoConverter.h>

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Public Types

typedef boost::uint32_t Type4CC
typedef void(* FreeFunc )(void *)

Public Member Functions

 ImgBuf (Type4CC t, boost::uint8_t *dataptr, size_t datasize, size_t w, size_t h)
 ~ImgBuf ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void array_delete (void *voidptr)
static void noop (void *)

Public Attributes

Type4CC type
boost::uint8_t * data
size_t size
size_t width
size_t height
boost::array< size_t, 4 > stride
FreeFunc dealloc

Detailed Description

Image buffer wrapper.

Unfortunately, the GnashImage buffer class currently insists on owning its buffer. Hacking around this results in things like gnashGstBuffer, which is less than desirable. Furthermore, it only supports a handful of pixel and image formats. Something more elaborate is needed to support the various YUV formats and different bit depths for RGB. But in the mean time: here's a simple image class for use in VideoConverter, at least until we merge the image classes.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* gnash::media::ImgBuf::FreeFunc)(void *)
typedef boost::uint32_t gnash::media::ImgBuf::Type4CC

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::media::ImgBuf::ImgBuf ( Type4CC  t,
boost::uint8_t *  dataptr,
size_t  datasize,
size_t  w,
size_t  h 
) [inline]
gnash::media::ImgBuf::~ImgBuf ( ) [inline]

References dealloc, and data.

Member Function Documentation

static void gnash::media::ImgBuf::array_delete ( void *  voidptr) [inline, static]
static void gnash::media::ImgBuf::noop ( void *  ) [inline, static]

Member Data Documentation

boost::uint8_t* gnash::media::ImgBuf::data

Referenced by ~ImgBuf().

boost::array<size_t, 4> gnash::media::ImgBuf::stride

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