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A. Glossary


A chunk of data that a WWW server stores in your browser. It is sent back to the server when you contact it again. Gnatsweb (see Gnatsweb) uses cookies to store your login information, preferences, and named queries.


GNATS mode for (X)Emacs.


The GNATS daemon (server program).


A WWW interface to GNATS.


A communication endpoint of various IP based protocols, notably TCP and UDP. A server program waits for connections ("listens") on a port, and a client program connects to this port. IANA (the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) maintains a list of port numbers registered for certain purposes.


Short for “Problem Report”. An entry in a GNATS database.


A command line tool that sends a new report by e-mail.

super server

A super server (sometimes also called "super daemon") is a daemon (= UNIX server process) that waits for connections on the ports of various server programs and starts the corresponding server when a connection is made. This way, there is only one server process for a set of services (instead of one for each service), but each service in the set is available to its clients.

The most common super servers are inetd (the "InterNET Daemon" that comes with many UNIX installations) and xinetd (the "eXtended InterNET Daemon").


A Tcl/Tk based interface to GNATS.

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