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Each header data unit, or HDU (also known as an extension), in a FITS file is an independent dataset (data + meta-data). Multiple HDUs can be stored in one FITS file, see Fits. The HDU modifying options to the Fits program are listed below.

These options may be called multiple times in one run. If so, the extensions will be copied from the input FITS file to the output FITS file in the given order (on the command-line and also in configuration files, see Configuration file precedence). If the separate classes are called together in one run of Fits, then first --copy is run (on all specified HDUs), followed by --cut (again on all specified HDUs), and then --remove (on all specified HDUs).

The --copy and --cut options need an output FITS file (specified with the --output option). If the output file exists, then the specified HDU will be copied following the last extension of the output file (the existing HDUs in it will be untouched). Thus, after Fits finishes, the copied HDU will be the last HDU of the output file. If no output file name is given, then automatic output will be used to store the HDUs given to this option (see Automatic output).


Copy the specified extension into the output file, see explanations above.

-k STR

Cut (copy to output, remove from input) the specified extension into the output file, see explanations above.


Remove the specified HDU from the input file. From CFITSIO: “In the case of deleting the primary array (the first HDU in the file) then [it] will be replaced by a null primary array containing the minimum set of required keywords and no data.”. So in practice, any existing data (array) and meta-data in the first extension will be removed, but the number of extensions in the file won’t change. This is because of the unique position the first FITS extension has in the FITS standard (for example it cannot be used to store tables).

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