Gnucap Contributors

Gnucap is primarily the work of Albert Davis.

Here is a list of some of the contributors, who have contributed more than a bug report.

  • Dan McMahill - "autoconf" interface, NetBSD package
  • Stuart Brorson - configuration mods
  • Telford Tendys - documentation and convergence
  • Simon Hoffe - Command line editing and history
  • These people have contributed by making packages, or enhancing other systems to include or work with gnucap. Their work isn't in this file, but it is just as important. These are the ones I know about. There are many more.

  • Dan McMahill - NetBSD package.
  • Werner Hoch - RPM (SuSE) package
  • Hamish Moffatt - Debian package
  • Dmitry Nadezhin - "electric" interface

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