GNU Telephony Open Embedded


For a long time, we have been asked about having available and tested ARM ports of various GNU Telephony libraries and applications. Recently, I did a quick port of Linphone to a GPE iPAQ using Open Embedded. This project exists to further port and support developing GNU-Telephony-based solutions and libraries for general use on handheld devices and appliance servers. We are currently using the Open Embedded build environment, though we may support other embedded development environments as well.


In GNU Telephony Open Embedded, one goal is to provide softphone clients, such as Linphone, SFLphone, and Twinkle, modified specifically for GPE and OPIE (Free Qtopia). We hope to use these for further client experimentation.

We also plan to create embedded appliance builds of GNU Telephony services, such as GNU Bayonne. One possible use will be to create a GNU Bayonne distribution for the Linksys storage appliance. We may also build a complete PC-based embedded distribution for telephony with Open Embedded.


I have recently completed iPAQ arm builds of GNU Common C++, libosip2, and GNU ccRTP. These files can be found in the repositories subsection of the file releases Download_Page [unavailable], and include bitbake build files along with ipkg-installable packages. The GNU Common C++ build includes the core libccgnu2 library only.