GNUe Small Business Edition


GNU Enterprise Small Business (GNUe-SB) is a set of accounting and production systems using the GNU Enterprise Application Framework. It is designed to serve the needs of Small-to-Medium Enterprises (Small Businesses).GNUe-SB provides functionality including General Ledger, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Payroll, and a host of other critical business systems for the cost-conscious, growth-oriented small business owner. GNUe-SB, like all GNU Enterprise programs, is modular in nature, so only those modules that fit your business need to be installed.


GNU General Public License V2 or later


2003-03-24 Basic Roadmap Started
  Based on feedback from Mike Vincent a very primitive roadmap has been started. It will continue to be refined and updated over the coming weeks as we start to implement things. It can be found here.
2003-03-06 Moving to GNUe Forms 0.5.x
  Rather than do a release of something that is nothing but a toy. We have decided to code against GNUe Forms 0.5.x which is only available in CVS. As of tonight the item forms have been converted and checked in. I suspect this means our roadmap will have version 0.1.0 of GNUe SB releasing at the same time as Forms 0.5.0.
2003-02-25 Mailing Lists Fixed
  10,000 thank you's go out to Jeff Bailey for fixing the exim configuration on the server so our mailing-lists are now fully functional!!!! Only hours uptime on the lists and already they are active....
2002-12-05 Primary Key, Foreign Key Fixed / Oracle Support Added
  GNUe schema definition now supports oracle. Which means by default so does GNUe SB. Primary Key support has also been enhanced in GNUe schema. Foreign Key data types for accounts have been fixed as well. Thanks ra3vat! Nightly tar balls and a 0.0.1 release will happen very soon!

Developer Project Page

You can get more developer information on our Savannah Project @

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Like GNU Enterprise GNUe-SB will use IRC to communicate a great deal during development. You can find GNUe-SB developers at #gnuenterprise. Summaries of GNUe-SB IRC discussions will be included in the GNUe Kernel Cousins.

Mailing Lists

The general discussion list can be found at The CVS commit list can be found at The commit list is for those wishing to follow development progress.

Bug Tracking / TODO / Feature Requests

We will be eating our own doggie food and using GNUe DCL to handle bug tracking, project management and feature requests. At this time we are uncertain if we will create a new instance of DCL specifically for GNUe-SB or whether we will piggy back on top of GNUe's instance of DCL. We will likely wait until we upgrade GNUe's DCL to v0.9.3 and investigate how product modules might suit this task.


We currently do not have an official release. Until we do you can grab nightly snapshots at


The development roadmap can be found here.


More Information To Come Soon!