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18. Utility Functions

In this Chapter, we document some of the utilities which may be called from the GNU Go engine.

18.1 General Utilities

Utility functions from ‘engine/utils.c’. Many of these functions underlie autohelper functions (see section Autohelper Functions).

18.2 Print Utilities

Functions in ‘engine/printutils.c’ do formatted printing similar to printf and its allies. The following formats are recognized:

We list the non statically declared functions in ‘printutils.c’.

The following functions are in ‘showbord.c’. Not all public functions in that file are listed here.

18.3 Board Utilities

The functions documented in this section are from ‘board.c’. Other functions in ‘board.c’ are described in See section Some Board Functions.

Next we come to countlib() and its allies, which address the problem of determining how many liberties a string has. Although countlib() addresses this basic question, other functions can often get the needed information more quickly, so there are a number of different functions in this family.

Next we have some general utility functions.

18.4 Utilities from ‘engine/influence.c

We will only list here a portion of the public functions in influence.c. The influence code is invoked through the function compute_influence (see section Where influence gets used in the engine). It is invoked as follows.

Other functions in ‘influence.c’ are of the nature of utilities which may be useful throughout the engine. We list the most useful ones here.

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