GNU Go in tournaments

Here is an (incomplete) list of tournaments that GNU Go has taken part in.

  • At the Computer Olympiad 2004 GNU Go unfortunately didn't do as well as we had hoped.
  • GNU Go won the 19x19 tournament at the Computer Olympiad 2003 after winning all its 10 games!
  • GNU Go took sixth place in Gifu Challenge 2003 with 5 wins in 9 games. Lost only to the four tournament winners and yielded fifth place to Many Faces only due to unfortunate pairings. Tournament results and game records are available.
  • GNU Go placed 8-th in the 21st Century cup in York Pennsylvania, finishing 3-3 against a strong field. Scored an upset win against Wulu but lost decisively to Go4++. Here are the century_games.tar.gz. Games from the 21st Century Cup.
  • GNU Go placed second in the European Go Congress, ending up 5-1 and losing only to GoAhead. Here's the Dublin games and An image from Dublin.
  • GNU Go place second in an informal tournament at the CGF in Japan at the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo on August 25-26. GNU Go's result was 3-2 though one game was lost on time where GNU Go may have been ahead on the board by a narrow margin. Thanks to Hiroshi Yamashita, here are the game records.
  • Stefan Mertin's 13x13 tournament.

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