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4.1 Environment Variables

The configuration files use shell environment variables to call the shell, editor, mail reader, html viewer, compress and virtual memory status utility. That means that if you set GNUIT_SHELL, GNUIT_EDITOR, GNUIT_RMAIL, GNUIT_BROWSER, or GNUIT_VMSTAT to some value, that value will be used instead of the default one. The defaults are:

	GNUIT_RMAIL='emacs -f rmail'

if the configure script is passed ‘--enable-debian’, some of the defaults are changed as follows:


If SHELL is defined, GNUIT_SHELL will be set to that value. If PAGER is defined, GNUIT_PAGER will be set to that value. If EDITOR is defined, GNUIT_EDITOR will be set to that value. If you want to change the default settings, put something like this into your ‘.profile’:

	export GNUIT_SHELL='/usr/local/bin/bash'
	export GNUIT_EDITOR='emacs'
	export GNUIT_RMAIL='elm'
	export GNUIT_PAGER='less'
	export GNUIT_VMSTAT='vmstat'
	export GNUIT_BROWSER='netscape'

These variables used to be prefixed with GIT_ (e.g. GIT_PAGER). The old names are still accepted for backwards compatibility.

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