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5. GNU Interactive Tools limitations

Background commands (& terminated)can be specified in the configuration file but their result (stdout and stderr redirection), will be overwritten by the result of newer commands and, if an error occurs, it will not be seen.

When gitfm is compiled for Linux, the default built-in color descriptions are for color monitors, so you can't (decently) run gitfm on a b/w monitor without the ‘gnuitrc.TERM’ file correctly configured. ‘gnuitrc.TERM’ should be configured with ‘AnsiColors’ = OFF. However, if your system knows about the linux-m terminal type, using that may be a better solution.

Job support is implemented only in gitfm.

Due to the fact that the ';' character is used as a field separator in the configuration files, you can't write something like that in the ‘gnuitrc.TERM’ files:

^AAA = SHOW-USERS-AND-GROUPS; more /etc/passwd; more /etc/group

because 'more /etc/group' will be considered as a directory to switch to. You must write a small script instead:

#! /bin/sh

more /etc/passwd more /etc/group

Supposing the script name is show_ug, the ‘gnuitrc.TERM’ line will look like this:


There is no support for appearance modes on magic-cookie terminals.

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