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3.2 The GNUIT process viewer/killer

gitps is an interactive process viewer/killer. It calls internally the ps(1) utility. This is a brief description of the command line arguments.

-h print this help message

-v print the version number

-i print the installation directory

-c use ANSI colors

-b don't use ANSI colors

-l don't use the last screen character

-p pass the remaining arguments to ps(1)

Running gitps is self explanatory. Use the arrows, PageUp, PageDown, Home, End, ^N, ^P, ^V, ESC v, Space and Backspace to move in the list, ^L to refresh it, Enter to change the default signal and F10, q or ^X ^C to leave.

You can change these keys, just read the GITPS-Setup, GITPS-Color, GITPS-Monochrome and GITPS-Keys sections in the configuration files ‘gnuitrc.TERM’.

The selected signal can also be changed by pressing its first letter (in uppercase), e.g. for ‘SIGTERM’ press T, or by pressing the key corresponding to the signal number. For signals > 10, prefix with ^X, and for signals greater than 20, prefix with ^C. For instance, to select signal 15 (‘SIGTERM’), press ^X5.

Keys for signal numbers are hard-coded to the versions in i386 Linux, however most correspond to POSIX. Compare signal(7) or signal(5) with http://linux.die.net/man/7/signal.

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