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| [-href="/graphics/gnu-and-penguin-color-original.xcf">5250k</a>.-]
| {+href="/graphics/gnu-and-penguin-color-1024x946.jpg">+} 
<a href="/graphics/gnu-and-penguin-color-1024x946.jpg"> 
XCF <a href="/graphics/gnu-and-penguin-color-original.xcf">5250k</a>. 
11 | [-pnm-]{+SVG&nbsp;+} <a [-href="/graphics/bwcartoon.pnm">190k</a>-]
| {+href="/graphics/bwcartoon-m.svg">81kB</a> by Victor Siame+} 
SVG&nbsp; <a href="/graphics/bwcartoon-m.svg">81kB</a> by Victor Siame 
pnm <a href="/graphics/bwcartoon.pnm">190k</a> 
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