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Have a question about free software licensing not answered here? See our other <a href="">licensing resources</a>, and if necessary contact the FSF Compliance Lab at <a href=""></a>. 
&ldquo;Open source&rdquo; is something different: it has a very different philosophy based on different values. Its practical definition is different too, but nearly all open source programs are in fact free. We explain the difference in <a href="/philosophy/open-source-misses-the-point.html"> Why &ldquo;Open Source&rdquo; misses the point of Free Software</a>. 
We campaign for these freedoms because everyone deserves them. With these freedoms, the users (both individually and collectively) control the program and what it does for them. When users don't control the program, we call it a &ldquo;nonfree&rdquo; or &ldquo;proprietary&rdquo; program. The nonfree program controls the users, and the developer controls the program; this makes the program <a href="/philosophy/free-software-even-more-important.html"> an instrument of unjust power</a>. 
A program is free software if the program's users have the four essential freedoms: <a href="#f1">[1]</a> 
نرم‌افزار آزاد در مورد آزادی کاربران برای اجرا، کپی، توزیع، بررسی، تغییر و بهبود دادن نرم‌افزار می‌باشد. بطور دقیق‌تر نرم‌افزار آزاد به چهار نوع آزادی برای کاربران یک نرم‌افزار اشاره می‌کند: 
Freedom 3 includes the freedom to release your modified versions as free software. A free license may also permit other ways of releasing them; in other words, it does not have to be a <a href="/copyleft/copyleft.html">copyleft</a> license. However, a license that requires modified versions to be nonfree does not qualify as a free license. 
<a href=";r1=1.164&amp;r2=1.165">Version 1.165</a>: Clarify that arbitrary annoyances in the code do not negate freedom 0, and that freedoms 1 and 3 enable users to remove them. 
<a href=";r1=1.152&amp;r2=1.153">Version 1.153</a>: Clarify that freedom to run the program means nothing stops you from making it run. 
<a href=";r1=1.140&amp;r2=1.141">Version 1.141</a>: Clarify which code needs to be free. 
<a href=";r1=1.134&amp;r2=1.135">Version 1.135</a>: Say each time that freedom 0 is the freedom to run the program as you wish. 
<a href=";r1=1.133&amp;r2=1.134">Version 1.134</a>: Freedom 0 is not a matter of the program's functionality. 
<a href=";r1=1.130&amp;r2=1.131">Version 1.131</a>: A free license may not require compliance with a nonfree license of another program. 
<a href=";r1=1.128&amp;r2=1.129">Version 1.129</a>: State explicitly that choice of law and choice of forum specifications are allowed. (This was always our policy.) 
<a href=";r1=1.121&amp;r2=1.122">Version 1.122</a>: An export control requirement is a real problem if the requirement is nontrivial; otherwise it is only a potential problem. 
<a href=";r1=1.117&amp;r2=1.118">Version 1.118</a>: Clarification: the issue is limits on your right to modify, not on what modifications you have made. And modifications are not limited to &ldquo;improvements&rdquo; 
<a href=";r1=1.110&amp;r2=1.111">Version 1.111</a>: Clarify 1.77 by saying that only retroactive <em>restrictions</em> are unacceptable. The copyright holders can always grant additional <em>permission</em> for use of the work by releasing the work in another way in parallel. 
<a href=";r1=1.104&amp;r2=1.105">Version 1.105</a>: Reflect, in the brief statement of freedom 1, the point (already stated in version 1.80) that it includes really using your modified version for your computing. 
<a href=";r1=1.91&amp;r2=1.92">Version 1.92</a>: Clarify that obfuscated code does not qualify as source code. 
<a href=";r1=1.89&amp;r2=1.90">Version 1.90</a>: Clarify that freedom 3 means the right to distribute copies of your own modified or improved version, not a right to participate in someone else's development project. 
<a href=";r1=1.88&amp;r2=1.89">Version 1.89</a>: Freedom 3 includes the right to release modified versions as free software. 
<a href=";r1=1.79&amp;r2=1.80">Version 1.80</a>: Freedom 1 must be practical, not just theoretical; i.e., no tivoization. 
<a href=";r1=1.76&amp;r2=1.77">Version 1.77</a>: Clarify that all retroactive changes to the license are unacceptable, even if it's not described as a complete replacement. 
<a href=";r1=1.73&amp;r2=1.74">Version 1.74</a>: Four clarifications of points not explicit enough, or stated in some places but not reflected everywhere: 
<a href=";r1=1.56&amp;r2=1.57">Version 1.57</a>: Add &quot;Beyond Software&quot; section. 
<a href=";r1=1.45&amp;r2=1.46">Version 1.46</a>: Clarify whose purpose is significant in the freedom to run the program for any purpose. 
<a href=";r1=1.40&amp;r2=1.41">Version 1.41</a>: Clarify wording about contract-based licenses. 
<a href=";r1=1.39&amp;r2=1.40">Version 1.40</a>: Explain that a free license must allow to you use other available free software to create your modifications. 
<a href=";r1=1.38&amp;r2=1.39">Version 1.39</a>: Note that it is acceptable for a license to require you to provide source for versions of the software you put into public use. 
<a href=";r1=1.30&amp;r2=1.31">Version 1.31</a>: Note that it is acceptable for a license to require you to identify yourself as the author of modifications. Other minor clarifications throughout the text. 
<a href=";r1=1.22&amp;r2=1.23">Version 1.23</a>: Address potential problems related to contract-based licenses. 
<a href=";r1=1.15&amp;r2=1.16">Version 1.16</a>: Explain why distribution of binaries is important. 
<a href=";r1=1.10&amp;r2=1.11">Version 1.11</a>: Note that a free license may require you to send a copy of versions you distribute to previous developers on request. 
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