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To help promote knowledge of free software that isn't <a href="/philosophy/categories.html#GNUsoftware">GNU software distributed by the FSF</a>, we have collected the following links to other web sites that contain free software, or are directly related to the issue of free software. 
Om meer kennis te verspreiden over vrije software die geen <a href="/software/software.html#TOCDescriptionsOfGNUSoftware">GNU-software verspreid door de FSF</a> is, hebben we hier een aantal links verzameld naar andere websites die vrije software hebben of zich daarmee bezig houden. 
52 | <a [-href="">Free-]
| {+href="">Free+}
| Software Project in Brazil</a> 
<a href="">Free Software Project in Brazil</a> 
<a href="">Vrije Software-project in Brazili&euml;</a> 
62 | <a [-href="">Ada-]
| {+href="">Ada+} Core Technologies</a> 
<a href="">Ada Core Technologies</a> 
<a href="">Ada Core Technologies</a> 
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