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Ed Tech companies use their surveillance power to manipulate students, and direct them into tracks towards various levels of knowledge, power and prestige. The article argues that <a href="">these companies should obtain licenses to operate</a>. That wouldn't hurt, but it doesn't address the root of the problem. All data acquired in a school about any student, teacher, or employee must not leave the school, and must be kept in computers that belong to the school and run free (as in freedom) software. That way, the school district and/or parents can control what is done with those data. 
A building in LA, with a supermarket in it, <a href="">demands customers load a particular app to pay for parking in the parking lot</a>, and accept pervasive surveillance. They also have the option of entering their license plate numbers in a kiosk. That is an injustice, too. 
Apple's new tactic to restrict users from repairing their own device and impose DRM on people is to <a href="">completely disable its Face ID functionality</a> when you replace its screen. 
Microsoft is making it harder and harder to <a href="">replace default apps in its Windows</a> operating system and is pressuring users to use its proprietary programs instead. We believe the best approach to this would be replacing Windows with a free (as in freedom) operating system like GNU. We also maintain a <a href="/distros/free-distros.html">list of fully free distributions of GNU</a>. 
Spotify app <a href="">harvests users' data to personally identify and know people</a> through music, their mood, mindset, activities, and tastes. There are over 150 billion events logged daily on the program which contains users' data and personal information. 
A pacemaker running proprietary code <a href="">was misconfigured and could have killed the implanted person</a>. In order to find out what was wrong and get it fixed, the person needed to break into the remote device that sets parameters in the pacemaker (possibly infringing upon manufacturer's rights under the DMCA). If this system had run free software, it could have been fixed much sooner. 
Adobe <a href="">has licensed its Flash Player to China's Zhong Cheng Network</a> who is offering the program bundled with spyware and a back door that can remotely deactivate it. 
Adobe is responsible for this since they gave Zhong Cheng Network permission to do this. This injustice involves &ldquo;misuse&rdquo; of the DMCA, but &ldquo;proper,&rdquo; intended use of the DMCA is a much bigger injustice. There is <a href="/philosophy/right-to-read.html">a series of errors related to DMCA</a>. 
Canon's all-in-one printer, scanner, and fax machine <a href="">will stop you from using any of its features if it's out of ink</a>! Since there's no need for ink to use scan or fax, Canon is sued by its customers for this malicious behavior. The proprietary software installed on Canon machines arbitrarily restricts users from using their device as they wish. 
<a href="">Facebook's nonfree client forces its useds to look at the newsfeed</a>. A used of Facebook developed a browser add-on to make it easier to unfollow everyone and thus make the newsfeed empty. Many of the people used by Facebook loved this, because they regard the newsfeed as a burden that Facebook imposes on them. 
Some Xiaomi phones <a href="">have a malfeature to bleep out phrases that express political views China does not like</a>. In phones sold in Europe, Xiaomi leaves this deactivated by default, but has a back door to activate the censorship. 
<a href="">El Salvador Dictatorship's Chivo wallet is spyware</a>, it's a proprietary program that breaks users' freedom and spies on people; demands personal data such as the national ID number and does face recognition, and it is bad security for its data. It also asks for almost every malware permission in people's smartphones. 
The article criticizes it for faults in &ldquo;data protection&rdquo;, though <a href="/philosophy/surveillance-vs-democracy.html">&ldquo;data protection&rdquo; is the wrong approach to privacy anyway</a>. 
Google's proprietary Chrome web browser <a href=""> added a surveillance API (idle detection API)</a> which lets websites ask Chrome to report when a user with a web page open is idle. 
Apple has made it <a href=""> impossible to load Navalny's tactical voting app into an iPhone</a> in Russia. 
Various models of security cameras, DVRs, and baby monitors that run proprietary software <a href="">are affected by a security vulnerability that could give attackers access to live feeds</a>. 
Microsoft <a href="">forces people to give their phone number</a> in order to be able to create an account on the company's network. On top of mistreating their users by providing nonfree software, Microsoft is tracking their lives outside the computer and violates their privacy. 
A Microsoft <a href="">força as pessoas a fornecerem seu número de telefone</a> para poder criar uma conta na rede da empresa. Além de maltratar seus usuários fornecendo software não livre, a Microsoft está rastreando suas vidas fora do computador e viola sua privacidade. 
The recent versions of Microsoft Office require the user to <a href=";CorrelationId=c9c5b549-11ad-4f71-bf81-b7e069fdb372"> connect to Microsoft servers at least every thirty-one days</a>. Otherwise, the software will refuse to edit any documents or create new ones. It will be restricted to viewing and printing. 
As versões recentes do Microsoft Office exigem que o usuário <a href=";CorrelationId=c9c5b549-11ad-4f71-bf81-b7e069fdb372"> se conecte aos servidores da Microsoft pelo menos a cada trinta e um dias</a>. Caso contrário, o software recusará a editar quaisquer documentos ou criar novos. Será restrito à visualização e impressão. 
Apple is putting DRM on iPhone batteries, and the system proprietary software <a href="">turns off certain features when batteries are replaced other than by Apple.</a> 
A Apple está inserindo DRM em baterias do iPhone e o software de sistema privativo <a href="">desliga certos recursos quando as baterias são substituídas por outra além da Apple.</a> 
As of April 2019, it is <a href="">no longer possible to disable an unscrupulous tracking anti-feature</a> that <a href="">reports users when they follow ping links</a> in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and also in the upcoming Microsoft Edge that is going to be based on Chromium. 
A partir de abril de 2019, <a href="">não é mais possível desativar uma característica indesejável de rastreamento sem escrúpulos</a> que <a href="">denuncia usuários quando eles seguem links de ping</a> no Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge e também no Microsoft Edge que será baseado no Chromium. 
Many Android phones come with a huge number of <a href=""> preinstalled nonfree apps that have access to sensitive data without users' knowledge</a>. These hidden apps may either call home with the data, or pass it on to user-installed apps that have access to the network but no direct access to the data. This results in massive surveillance on which the user has absolutely no control. 
Muitos telefones Android vêm com um grande número de <a href=""> aplicativos não livres pré-instalados que têm acesso a dados confidenciais sem o conhecimento dos usuários</a>. Esses aplicativos ocultos podem ligar para casa com os dados ou transmiti-los a aplicativos instalados pelo usuário que tenham acesso à rede, mas sem acesso direto aos dados. Isso resulta em uma vigilância maciça na qual o usuário não tem absolutamente nenhum controle. 
Game Of War: Fire Age is an iPhone game with <a href=""> addictive features</a> which are based on <a href="/proprietary/proprietary-addictions.html#addictiveness">behavioral manipulation techniques</a>, compounded with group emulation. After a fairly easy start, the game slows down and becomes more difficult, so gamers are led to spend more and more money in order to keep up with their group. And if they stop playing for a while, the equipment they invested in gets destroyed by the &ldquo;enemy&rdquo; unless they buy an expensive &ldquo;shield&rdquo; to protect it. This game is also deceptive, as it uses confusing menus and complex stats to obfuscate true monetary costs. 
Game Of War: Fire Age é um jogo para iPhone com <a href="">recursos viciantes</a> baseados em <a href="/proprietary/proprietary-addictions.html#addictiveness">técnicas de manipulação comportamental</a>, compostas com emulação de grupo. Depois de um começo bastante fácil, o jogo desacelera e se torna mais difícil, então os jogadores são levados a gastar mais e mais dinheiro para acompanhar o grupo. E se eles pararem de jogar por um tempo, o equipamento em que eles investiram será destruído pelo “inimigo” a menos que eles comprem um “escudo” caro para se proteger. Este jogo também é enganador, pois utiliza menus confusos e estatísticas complexas para ofuscar verdadeiros custos monetários. 
The Microsoft Telemetry Compatibility service <a href=""> drastically reduces the performances of machines running Windows&nbsp;10</a>, and can't be disabled easily. 
O serviço Microsoft Telemetry Compatibility <a href=""> reduz drasticamente o desempenho de máquinas com Windows&nbsp;10</a> e pode ser facilmente desabilitado. 
<a href=""> Other weather apps</a>, including Accuweather and WeatherBug, are tracking people's locations. 
<a href=""> Outros aplicativos de meteorologia</a>, incluindo Accuweather e WeatherBug, estão rastreando as localizações das pessoas. 
Learn how <a href=""> gratis-to-play-and-not-win-much games manipulate their useds psychologically</a>. 
Saiba como <a href=""> jogos grátis-para-jogar-e-sem-ganhar-muito manipulam seus “usados” psicologicamente</a>. 
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