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Canon's all-in-one printer, scanner, and fax machine <a href="">will stop you from using any of its features if it's out of ink</a>! Since there's no need for ink to use scan or fax, Canon is sued by its customers for this malicious behavior. The proprietary software installed on Canon machines arbitrarily restricts users from using their device as they wish. 
The Samsung &ldquo;Smart&rdquo; TV <a href=""> transmits users' voice on the internet to another company, Nuance</a>. Nuance can save it and would then have to give it to the US or some other government. 
A TV “inteligente” da Samsung <a href=""> transmite a voz dos usuários na Internet para outra empresa, a Nuance</a>. A Nuance pode armazená-la e então teria que dá-la aos EUA ou a algum outro governo. 
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