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Some Xiaomi phones <a href="">have a malfeature to bleep out phrases that express political views China does not like</a>. In phones sold in Europe, Xiaomi leaves this deactivated by default, but has a back door to activate the censorship. 
Adobe <a href="">has licensed its Flash Player to China's Zhong Cheng Network</a> who is offering the program bundled with spyware and a back door that can remotely deactivate it. 
Adobe is responsible for this since they gave Zhong Cheng Network permission to do this. This injustice involves &ldquo;misuse&rdquo; of the DMCA, but &ldquo;proper,&rdquo; intended use of the DMCA is a much bigger injustice. There is <a href="/philosophy/right-to-read.html">a series of errors related to DMCA</a>. 
In addition to its <a href="#swindle-eraser">book eraser</a>, the Kindle-Swindle has a <a href=""> universal back door</a>. 
Além de seu <a href="#swindle-eraser">apagador de livro</a>, o Kindle-Swindle tem um <a href=""> <em>backdoor</em> universal</a>. 
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