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Canon's all-in-one printer, scanner, and fax machine <a href="">will stop you from using any of its features if it's out of ink</a>! Since there's no need for ink to use scan or fax, Canon is sued by its customers for this malicious behavior. The proprietary software installed on Canon machines arbitrarily restricts users from using their device as they wish. 
<a href="">Facebook's nonfree client forces its useds to look at the newsfeed</a>. A used of Facebook developed a browser add-on to make it easier to unfollow everyone and thus make the newsfeed empty. Many of the people used by Facebook loved this, because they regard the newsfeed as a burden that Facebook imposes on them. 
Microsoft is making it harder and harder to <a href="">replace default apps in its Windows</a> operating system and is pressuring users to use its proprietary programs instead. We believe the best approach to this would be replacing Windows with a free (as in freedom) operating system like GNU. We also maintain a <a href="/distros/free-distros.html">list of fully free distributions of GNU</a>. 
Apple is putting DRM on iPhone batteries, and the system proprietary software <a href="">turns off certain features when batteries are replaced other than by Apple.</a> 
A Apple está inserindo DRM em baterias do iPhone e o software de sistema privativo <a href="">desliga certos recursos quando as baterias são substituídas por outra além da Apple.</a> 
Learn how <a href=""> gratis-to-play-and-not-win-much games manipulate their useds psychologically</a>. 
Saiba como <a href=""> jogos grátis-para-jogar-e-sem-ganhar-muito manipulam seus “usados” psicologicamente</a>. 
The Microsoft Telemetry Compatibility service <a href=""> drastically reduces the performances of machines running Windows&nbsp;10</a>, and can't be disabled easily. 
O serviço Microsoft Telemetry Compatibility <a href=""> reduz drasticamente o desempenho de máquinas com Windows&nbsp;10</a> e pode ser facilmente desabilitado. 
A pacemaker running proprietary code <a href="">was misconfigured and could have killed the implanted person</a>. In order to find out what was wrong and get it fixed, the person needed to break into the remote device that sets parameters in the pacemaker (possibly infringing upon manufacturer's rights under the DMCA). If this system had run free software, it could have been fixed much sooner. 
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