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Apple has made it <a href=""> impossible to load Navalny's tactical voting app into an iPhone</a> in Russia. 
Windows 10 S was a jail: <a href=""> only programs from the Windows Store could be installed and executed</a>. It was however possible to <a href=""> upgrade to Windows 10 Pro</a>. The successor of Windows 10 S is a special configuration of Windows 10 called <a href=""> S mode</a>. The major difference with Windows 10 S is that there is an easy way to switch out of S mode. 
O Windows 10 S era uma prisão: <a href=""> apenas programas do Windows Store podiam ser instalados e executados</a>. No entanto, era possível <a href=""> atualizar para Windows 10 Pro</a>. O sucessor do Windows 10 S é uma configuração especial do Windows 10 chamada <a href=""> modo S</a>. A principal diferença com o Windows 10 S é que há uma maneira fácil de sair do modo S. 
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