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Ed Tech companies use their surveillance power to manipulate students, and direct them into tracks towards various levels of knowledge, power and prestige. The article argues that <a href="">these companies should obtain licenses to operate</a>. That wouldn't hurt, but it doesn't address the root of the problem. All data acquired in a school about any student, teacher, or employee must not leave the school, and must be kept in computers that belong to the school and run free (as in freedom) software. That way, the school district and/or parents can control what is done with those data. 
A building in LA, with a supermarket in it, <a href="">demands customers load a particular app to pay for parking in the parking lot</a>, and accept pervasive surveillance. They also have the option of entering their license plate numbers in a kiosk. That is an injustice, too. 
Apple's new tactic to restrict users from repairing their own device and impose DRM on people is to <a href="">completely disable its Face ID functionality</a> when you replace its screen. 
Microsoft is making it harder and harder to <a href="">replace default apps in its Windows</a> operating system and is pressuring users to use its proprietary programs instead. We believe the best approach to this would be replacing Windows with a free (as in freedom) operating system like GNU. We also maintain a <a href="/distros/free-distros.html">list of fully free distributions of GNU</a>. 
Spotify app <a href="">harvests users' data to personally identify and know people</a> through music, their mood, mindset, activities, and tastes. There are over 150 billion events logged daily on the program which contains users' data and personal information. 
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