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<a href="#Evaluation">Evaluating Licenses</a> 
<a href="#Exceptions">Exceptions to GNU Licenses</a> 
If you've started a new project and you're not sure what license to use, <a href="/licenses/license-recommendations.html">&ldquo;How to choose a license for your own work&rdquo;</a> details our recommendations in an easy-to-follow guide. If you just want a quick list reference, we have a page that names our <a href="/licenses/recommended-copylefts.html">recommended copyleft licenses</a>. 
We also have a page that discusses <a href="/licenses/bsd.html">the BSD License Problem</a>. 
If you come across a license not mentioned in our <a href="/licenses/license-list.html">license list</a>, you can ask us to evaluate whether it is a free license. Please email a copy of the license (and the URL where you found it) to <a href=""></a>. Our licensing experts in the staff and the board of directors will review it. If the license has some unusual conditions, they may pose difficult philosophical problems, so we can't promise to decide quickly. 
<a href="/licenses/license-compatibility.html">License Compatibility and Relicensing</a> 
<a href="/graphics/license-logos.html">GNU license logos</a> to use with your project 
<a href="">The FSF Licensing &amp; Compliance Lab</a> 
<a href="/licenses/license-list.html#LicensingEmailAddress">&lt;;</a> for general licensing help 
<a href="/licenses/quick-guide-gplv3.html">A Quick Guide to GPLv3</a> 
<a href="/licenses/why-affero-gpl.html">Why the Affero GPL</a> 
Some GNU programs have additional permissions or special exceptions to specific terms in one of the main licenses. Since some of those are commonly used or inspire a lot of questions on their own, we've started collecting them on our <a href="/licenses/exceptions.html">exceptions page</a>. 
When linking to our licenses, it's usually best to link to the latest version; hence the standard URLs such as <code></code> have no version number. Occasionally, however, you may want to link to a specific version of a given license. In those situations, you can use the following links [<a href="#urlskip">skip links</a>]: 
<a href="/licenses/gpl-3.0.html">GPLv3</a>, <a href="/licenses/gpl-2.0.html">GPLv2</a>, <a href="/licenses/gpl-1.0.html">GPLv1</a> 
<a href="">ОЈЛ в3</a>,
<a href="">ОЈЛ в2</a>,
<a href="">ОЈЛ в1</a> 
<a href="/licenses/lgpl-3.0.html">LGPLv3</a>, <a href="/licenses/lgpl-2.1.html">LGPLv2.1</a> 
<a href="">МОЈЛ в3</a>,
<a href="">МОЈЛ в2.1</a> 
<a href="/licenses/agpl-3.0.html">GNU AGPLv3</a> (The <a href="">Affero General Public License version 1</a> is not a GNU license, but it was designed to serve a purpose much like the GNU AGPL's.) 
<a href="">ГНУ-ова ОЈЛА в3</a> 
<a href="/licenses/fdl-1.3.html">FDLv1.3</a>, <a href="/licenses/fdl-1.2.html">FDLv1.2</a>, <a href="/licenses/fdl-1.1.html">FDLv1.1</a> 
<a href="">СЛД в1.3</a>,
<a href="">СЛД в1.2</a>,
<a href="">СЛД в1.1</a> 
Stable links to each license's alternative formats are available on its respective page. Not every version of every license is available in every format. If you need one that is missing, please <a href="">email us</a>. 
See also the <a href="old-licenses/">old licenses page</a>. 
We don't take the position that artistic or entertainment works must be free, but if you want to make one free, we recommend the <a href="//">Free Art License</a>. 
Ми не сматрамо да уметнички радови или радови забавног садржаја морају да буду слободни, али уколико то ви желите, предлажемо вам <a href="">Слободну уметничку лиценцу</a>. 
Please send general FSF &amp; GNU inquiries to <a href="">&lt;;</a>. There are also <a href="/contact/">other ways to contact</a> the FSF. Broken links and other corrections or suggestions can be sent to <a href="">&lt;;</a>. 
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