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In the free software community, the idea that <a href="/philosophy/free-software-even-more-important.html"> any nonfree program mistreats its users</a> is familiar. Some of us defend our freedom by rejecting all proprietary software on our computers. Many others recognize nonfreeness as a strike against the program. 
Спільнота вільного програмного забезпечення добре знайома з ідеєю, що невільні програми несправедливі стосовно користувачів. Деякі з нас захищають нашу свободу, відкидаючи всякі невільні програми на наших комп'ютерах. Багато інші вважають закритість програми серйозним недоліком. 
Part of the <a href="/philosophy/free-sw.html">meaning of free software</a> is that users have access to the program's source code (its plan). The source code of a program means the preferred form for programmers to modify&mdash;including helpful spacing, explanatory remarks, and meaningful names. Compacted code is a bogus, useless substitute for source code; the real source code of these programs is not available to the users, so users cannot understand it; therefore the programs are nonfree. 
In addition to being nonfree, many of these programs are <em>malware</em> because they <a href="">snoop on the user</a>. Even nastier, some sites use services which record <a href="">all the user's actions while looking at the page</a>. The services supposedly &ldquo;redact&rdquo; the recordings to exclude some sensitive data that the web site shouldn't get. But even if that works reliably, the whole purpose of these services is to give the web site other personal data that it shouldn't get. 
<strong>Acknowledgements:</strong> I thank <a href="/people/people.html#mattlee">Matt Lee</a> and <a href="">John Resig</a> for their help in defining our proposed criterion, and David Parunakian for bringing the problem to my attention. 
<strong>Подяки:</strong> Безмежно вдячний <a href="/people/people.html#mattlee">Мету Лі</a> та <a href="">Джону Резіку</a> за їхню допомогу у визначенні запропонованого нами критерію, і Дейвіду Парунакяну, який допоміг звернути мою увагу на цю проблему. 
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