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Later that day, I engaged in what seemed a never ending battle with them. To make my case, I first sent them a well reasoned and informative letter. I reminded them that Skype is owned by Microsoft, a company that develops freedom-denying software, and explained what free/libre software is. I mentioned the abusive clauses in the company's <a href=""> privacy statement</a>, among which the fact that <strong>Microsoft records and analyzes users' communications, and it can hand that data over to other companies</strong>. I suggested to replace Skype with Jitsi and offered to help. I even said my children would quit the institution unless it changed to a free/libre platform. 
当天稍晚时分,我开始和他们进行一场看似没有结局的战斗。作为基础,我首先给他们写了一封理由充分、信息完整的信。我提醒他们 Skype 属于 Microsoft,这个公司开发的是剥夺用户自由的软件,并向他们解释了什么是自由软件。我还指出该公司蛮横无理的 <a href="">隐私声明</a>,以及 <strong>Microsoft 记录并分析对话,并且可以将数据交给第三方公司</strong> 的事实。我提议用 Jitsi 替换 Skype,并乐意帮助。我甚至说除非他们使用自由的软件平台,否则我的孩子将退学。 
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