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Teachers, students, parents, free software advocates and the community at large are taking action to stop the use of nonfree programs in schools. They are doing it by telling schools about <a href="/philosophy/free-sw.html">free software</a> and raising awareness of the dangers nonfree programs pose to students' computer freedom and privacy. They are objecting persistently to the nonfree software that the schools suggest to them. 
The article cited uses the word &ldquo;cloud&rdquo; to refer to computing done on servers owned by third parties. The term is too broad, it generalizes about various uses of servers that are totally different from a moral point of view. See more about why <a href="/philosophy/words-to-avoid.html#CloudComputing"> the GNU Project strongly recommends not to use the term &ldquo;cloud&rdquo;</a>. 
引用文章中使用了 &ldquo;云&rdquo; 一词来指代使用第三方拥有的服务器来做计算。这个字眼太宽泛,它把各种从道德规范角度来看完全不同的服务器使用情况抽象在一起。请参看更多关于为什么 <a href="/philosophy/words-to-avoid.html.en#CloudComputing">GNU 工程强烈建议不要使用 &ldquo;云&rdquo; 这个术语</a>。 
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