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A Unix-like operating system includes a kernel, compilers, editors, text formatters, mail software, graphical interfaces, libraries, games and many other things. Thus, writing a whole operating system is a very large job. We started in January 1984. The <a href=""> Free Software Foundation</a> was founded in October 1985, initially to raise funds to help develop GNU. 
一个类似Unix操作系统包括内核、编译器、编辑器、文本格式化软件、邮件软件、图形界面、应用库、游戏以及其他很多别的东西。因此,编写一个完全的操作系统是一项巨大的工作。我们从1984年1月开始,并在1985年10月创立<a href="">自由软件基金会</a>,它初期为开发GNU募集资金。 
By 1990 we had either found or written all the major components except one&mdash;the kernel. Then Linux, a Unix-like kernel, was developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991 and made free software in 1992. Combining Linux with the almost-complete GNU system resulted in a complete operating system: the GNU/Linux system. Estimates are that tens of millions of people now use GNU/Linux systems, typically via <a href="/distros/distros.html">GNU/Linux distributions</a>. The principal version of Linux now contains nonfree firmware &ldquo;blobs&rdquo;; free software activists now maintain a modified free version of Linux, called <a href=""> Linux-libre</a>. 
到1990年,我们或者找到或者写出了所有主要的组件,除了一个&mdash;内核。当时,Linus Torvalds在1991年开发了一个类似Unix的内核Linux,并在1992年将其变成自由软件。将Linux与几乎完成的GNU系统结合在一起就是一个完全的操作系统:GNU/Linux系统。估计现在有几千万人在使用GNU/Linux系统,通常是<a href="/distros/distros.html">GNU/Linux发行版</a>。现在Linux的原始版本包含非自由的固件&ldquo;blobs&rdquo;;自由软件活动家目前也维护着一个自由版本的Linux,叫做<a href="">Linux-libre</a>。 
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