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The AI Lab used a timesharing operating system called <abbr title="Incompatible Timesharing System">ITS</abbr> (the Incompatible Timesharing System) that the lab's staff hackers&#8239;<a href="#ft1">[1]</a> had designed and written in assembler language for the Digital <abbr title="Programmed Data Processor">PDP</abbr>-10, one of the large computers of the era. As a member of this community, an AI Lab staff system hacker, my job was to improve this system. 
人工智能实验室当时使用一种称为 <abbr title="Incompatible Timesharing System(不兼容分时系统)">ITS</abbr> 的分时操作系统。该系统是实验室的黑客(1)设计并用汇编语言为 Digital 公司的 <abbr title="Programmed Data Processor">PDP</abbr>-10 计算机编写的,该计算机是当时的大型计算机之一。作为社区一员,也作为人工智能实验室的系统黑客,我的工作就是改进这个系统。 
Most of the FSF's income used to come from sales of copies of free software and of other related services (CD-ROMs of source code, CD-ROMs with binaries, nicely printed manuals, all with the freedom to redistribute and modify), and Deluxe Distributions (distributions for which we built the whole collection of software for the customer's choice of platform). Today the FSF still <a href=""> sells manuals and other gear</a>, but it gets the bulk of its funding from members' dues. You can join the FSF at <a href=""></a>. 
过去,FSF的收入来自销售自由软件的拷贝以及其他相关服务(含源代码的CD-ROM、含二进制文件的CD-ROM、印制精美的手册,这些都可以自由修改和再发布),还有就是销售豪华发布版(为客户选定的平台制作全套自由软件)。如今,FSF仍然<a href="">销售手册和其他装备</a>,但它的很大一部分资金来自会员费。你可以通过<a href=""></a>加入FSF。 
2008 note: this issue extends to the BIOS as well. There is a free BIOS, <a href="">LibreBoot</a> (a distribution of coreboot); the problem is getting specs for machines so that LibreBoot can support them without nonfree &ldquo;blobs.&rdquo; 
2008年注:此问题还扩展到BIOS程序。这里有一个自由的BIOS软件,<a href="">LibreBoot</a>(coreboot的一个发行版);问题在于获得计算机的规格以便LibreBoot能够不使用非自由的&ldquo;blobs&rdquo;软件包也能够支持这些计算机。 
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