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When you are talking with people that don't value freedom and community, you can show them the many practical advantages of free software (see <a href="//">Why Open Source / Free Software? Look at the Numbers!</a> for some useful evidence). But keep mentioning the ethical issues too! Don't let their pressure change your voice into an open-source voice. 
当您与一位不认同自由软件及其社区价值的朋友交流时,您可以向他展示自由软件的各种实际优点(参考 <a href="//">为什么要开源/自由软件?请看这些数据!</a> 一文,获取有用的证据)。但是,也请向他介绍自由软件的道德意义!请不要因为他们的压力而把你引向开源的观点。 
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