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This is a free software license. By itself, it has a copyleft comparable to the GPL's, and incompatible with it. However, it gives recipients ways to relicense the work under the terms of other selected licenses, and some of those—the Eclipse Public License in particular—only provide a weaker copyleft. Thus, developers can't rely on this license to provide a strong copyleft. 
这是一个自由软件许可证。就该许可证本身而言,它具有和 GPL 类似的 copyleft 属性,但并不兼容。不过,它给了许可证接受方重新选择某些再授权许可证的方法,其中&mdash;&mdash;<a href="#EPL">Eclipse 公共许可证</a>&mdash;&mdash;只是弱 copyleft 的许可证。因此,开发者不能依赖此许可证来保证强 copyleft。 
<a id="FreeBSDDL" href=""> FreeBSD Documentation License</a> <span class="anchor-reference-id"> (<a href="#FreeBSDDL">#FreeBSDDL</a>)</span> 
<a id="FreeBSDDL" href="">FreeBSD 文档许可证</a> <span class="anchor-reference-id"> (<a href="#FreeBSDDL">#FreeBSDDL</a>)</span> 
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