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In 2012, the band Sebkha-Chott released a <em>matricide</em> of the Free Software Song to celebrate the death of <a href="">ACTA</a>. It's available in <a href=""> Ogg Vorbis</a> (2.3MB), or in <a href=""> FLAC</a> (10.1MB), under the <a href="">Free Art License, version 1.3</a>. 
在2012年,Sebkha-Chott乐队为庆祝<a href="">ACTA</a>之死而发布的自由软件之歌的<em>弑母</em>版,<a href="">Ogg Vorbis</a>格式(2.3MB)或<a href="">FLAC</a>格式(10.1MB),按照<a href="">自由艺术许可证,版本1.3</a>发布。 
You can get a <a href="/music/free-software-song.pdf">typeset score</a> of the song made with <a href="">GNU LilyPond</a>. The LilyPond <a href="/music/">source</a> for the typeset score is also available. 
你可以下载一份用<a href="">GNU LilyPond</a>制作的此歌曲的<a href="/music/free-software-song.pdf">乐谱</a>,以及该乐谱的LilyPond<a href="/music/">源代码</a>。 
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