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If you value freedom, you don't want the nonfree apps that Google Play offers. To install free Android apps, you don't need Google Play, because you can get them from <a href=""></a>. 
如果你看重自由,那么你不会要 Google Play 提供的非自由应用。要安装自由的 Android 应用,你无需 Google Play,因为你可以从 <a href=""></a> 获得。 
<a href="">Replicant</a> is the free version of Android. The Replicant developers have replaced many nonfree libraries, for certain device models. The nonfree apps are excluded, but you certainly don't want to use those. By contrast, CyanogenMod (another modified version of Android) is nonfree, as it contains some nonfree programs. 
<a href="">Replicant</a> 是一个自由版的 Android。Replicant 的开发者替换掉了一些特定设备的许多非自由的软件库。非自由的应用也被剔除,不过你当然不要用它们。反过来,CyanogenMod(Android 的另外一个修改版)是非自由的,因为它带有非自由程序。 
On most Android devices, this firmware has so much control that it could turn the product into a listening device. On some, it controls the microphone. On some, it can take full control of the main computer, through shared memory, and can thus override or replace whatever free software you have installed. With some, perhaps all, models it is possible to exercise remote control of this firmware to overwrite the rest of the software in the device. The point of free software is that we have control of our software and our computing; a system with a back door doesn't qualify. While any computing system might <em>have</em> bugs, these devices can <em>be</em> bugs. (Craig Murray, in <a href="">Murder in Samarkand</a>, relates his involvement in an intelligence operation that remotely converted an unsuspecting target's non-Android portable phone into a listening device.) 
在大多数 Android 设备上,该固件控制太多功能以至于它可以把整个产品变成一个监听器。在有些设备上,它控制麦克风。在另一些设备上,它可以通过共享内存完全控制主计算单元,因此就可以忽略或替换掉你安装的任何自由软件。还有一些设备,也可能是所有的设备,有可能远程操控该固件来重新刷写设备的软件。自由软件的重点在于我们对软件和计算有控制权;有后门的系统显然不合格。虽然任何计算机系统都可能 <em>有</em> 缺陷,但是这些设备本身 <em>就是</em> 缺陷。(Craig Murray,在 <a href="">Murder in Samarkand</a> 中,论及他参与的一次谍报活动,就是远程把未起疑心的目标对象的非 Android 手机变成了监听设备。) 
Recent press coverage of Android focuses on the patent wars. During 20 years of campaigning for the abolition of software patents, we have warned such wars could happen. Software patents could force elimination of features from Android, or even make it unavailable. See <a href=""></a> for more information about why software patents must be abolished. 
最近媒体关注 Android 的专利战争。历经 20 年的废除软件专利运动,我们一直在警告这样的战争。软件专利可能会消灭 Android 的功能,甚至使之不可用。请参看 <a href=""></a> 了解更多为何要废除软件专利的信息。 
Android is a major step towards an ethical, user-controlled, free software portable phone, but there is a long way to go, and Google is taking it in the wrong direction. Hackers are working on <a href="">Replicant</a>, but it's a big job to support a new device model, and there remains the problem of the firmware. Even though the Android phones of today are considerably less bad than Apple or Windows phones, they cannot be said to respect your freedom. 
Android 是实现一个讲道德、用户可控、自由软件的手机系统的重要一步,但是道路还很漫长,而且 Google 正在把它带到错误的方向上去。黑客们正在为 <a href="">Replicant</a> 工作,但支持新的设备型号是巨大的工作,加上还留有固件的问题。尽管 Android 手机没有 Apple 或 Windows 手机那么恶劣,但是他们还是不能说它尊重你的自由。 
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